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The S5 MP3 Player Plugin is demonstrated on the blog posts below, and can be used on any Joomla template.

Easily setup streaming mp3's of any kind on your Joomla site! This plugin comes loaded with features that allow you to adapt this to any site. A full list of features includes:

  • Full responsive design. This player will automatically adjust to 100% of the available width any screen size.
  • Hide the player and show a text only link for non-flash devices or at a specified screen width for mobile devices.
  • Change the color of any part of the player! This includes play and pause buttons, backgrounds, streaming bar, hover colors, audio links, download background and even more! You can set them to any color you wish!
  • Set as many mp3 players as you wish on one page or multiple pages
  • Choose to enable or disable the download button and choose your own Download text.
  • Choose how many times a song will loop after it has completed playing.
  • Auto start or manually start an mp3 player on page load.
  • All other mp3 players on the same page will stop playing when a new mp3 player is played.
  • Stream songs from a static url or specify a folder in the plugin's backend to pull them dynamically.

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